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March 26, 2020

Please check out and use APTA’s payer advocacy templates to advocate for telehealth coverage, all of which are available via APTA’s telehealth webpage:

Tell CMS, states, and payers to waive restrictions on the use of telehealth

APTA has developed several template letters you can use to advocate for coverage of telehealth services furnished by PTs and PTAs to ensure that patients continued to have access to the rehabilitative care they need amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Instructions are included at the top of each letter.

Please share with your peers and colleagues.

Added 3/27/20: Cigna to Cover Telehealth PT, OT and SLP on Limited Codes through 5.31.20

Added 3/27/20:  Update from UnitedHealthcare's Chief Medical Officer on COVID-19 PT, OT and SLP Telehealth


March 17, 2020

Coronavirus: Information for Providers

Patient Care

Across the world, health care providers have taken varying precautionary measures to flatten the curve. In general, when there is an opportunity to practice social distancing, we encourage HCPs to do so. Also, "first do no harm" suggests HCPs should weigh the risks of providing care versus not. As always, patient care is an individualized case-by-case determination for PTs, who are relied on for clinical judgment. Continue to follow available CDC guidance, and remember that the risks of being too cautious may be less than the risks of not being cautious enough.

Coronavirus Reports: What We Know, and What We Don't
While overall risk of catching the disease is low, health care professionals are at higher risk. APTA reminds PTs and PTAs to follow precautions for reducing the spread of infectious diseases — an important aspect of health care to be mindful of at all times, not just during periods of high risk.

Advisory: PTs, Telehealth, and the Coronavirus
Wondering whether you can provide PT services via telehealth during the COVID-19 outbreak

Added 3/27/20:  Covid-19 Cares Act Signed

Added 3/2620:  States Waiving Licensure Requirements/Renewals in Response to COID-19

Added 3/26/20:  Payer Advocy Templates (see hyperlinks on other "news" tab)

Added 3/24/20:  KSBoHA Guidance for Healthcare Professionals

Added 3/24/20:  Updated Insurance Information per Insurance Comissioner

Added 3/24/20: Information for Telehealth Services by Carrier

Added 3/24/20: Telehealth in Physical Therapy in LIght of COVID-19


Novel Coronavirus: A Wake-up Call for Best Practices in Preventing Pathogen Transmission
In addition to taking precautions to avoid aerosolization (the production of airborne particles containing an infectious virus or bacteria), we must disinfect surfaces touched by infected people. Thus, in physical therapy clinics, in anticipation of future patients being infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we must think holistically in terms of clinic disinfection and protection.

CDC Information and Resources
Includes resources from the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

CDC on Mass Gatherings or Large Community Events
CDC recommends canceling, postponing, or conducting virtually in-person events that consist of 50 people or more for next 8 weeks. Recommendation does not apply to day to day operation of schools, institutes of higher learning, or businesses.

CMS Issues COVID-19 Guidance on Infection Control, Protective Equipment
The ever-growing list of resources from CMS includes guidance related to particular settings including hospice, SNFs, and home health.

CMS COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Health Care Providers Fact Sheet
In response to COVID-19, CMS is empowered to take proactive steps through 1135 waivers and rapidly expand the Administration’s aggressive efforts against COVID-19.

CMS Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of COVID-19 in Nursing Homes
CMS is providing additional guidance to nursing homes to help them improve their infection control and prevention practices to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including revised guidance for visitation.

OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
Includes information on protection of workers with high exposure risk and personal protective equipment. Other OSHA information can be found here.

The Joint Commission Information and Resources
Includes regular updates.


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