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Advertising with the APTA Kansas offers a diverse selection of marketing opportunities, all of which are designed to provide services, products, and education information to our members. We offer opportunities in web and newsletter advertising, and conference and exhibit sponsorships, just to name a few.

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APTA Kansas Advertising Policy

All advertisements are accepted on the basis of conformance with the ethical standards and policy state- ments of the American Physical Therapy Association and the APTA Kansas. The right to reject an advertisement is retained by the editor and/or executive director. Acceptance of advertisements does not imply endorsement by the APTA Kansas (APTA KS). Ad- vertisements considered inappropriate for publication by the APTA Kansas or promotion at APTA Kansas events in- clude but are not limited: Ads that promote facilities and/or seek physical therapists or physical therapist assistants to work in fa- cilities where the referral for physical therapy services may result in direct income to the referring source. This policy applies to publications by and activities of the APTA Kansas, includ- ing but not limited to: websites, newsletters, exhibits, event advertisements, sponsorships.

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